B 6409 CERCS


  • 60 cm
  • A Energy Efficiency Class
  • Black Glass Panel
  • 80 L. Oven Capacity
  • 9 Functions Oven With 3D Cooking
  • Smart Touch Digital Timer
  • Copper Design Knobs
  • Black Anodised Handle
  • Easy to Clean Black Enameled Cavity
  • Easily Detachable Side Wire Racks
  • Removable Door Glass
  • 1 Tray (3 cm), 1 Grid



  • 6, 8, or 10 Functions
  • Grey Enamel Cavity
  • Catalytic Back Wall
  • Telescopic Rails
  • Double Square Lamps
  • Triple Glassed Oven Door
  • Rotisserie
  • Glass Tray
  • Deep Tray (6cm)
  • 37 cm Round Tray

Cold Surface with Löw-E and triple glass oven door

Thanks to löw-e glass and triple glass door, Simfer products gives you colder glass surface, and also comes with up to 25% energy efficiency. The triple glass-door ensures the door surface temperature is kept cold while cooking even at high temperatures. This gives added safety, since the door can be touched from outside while the oven is operational.

Opportunity to use standard and deep tray

Simfer has 6 cm deep tray and 3 cm standard tray. You can cook stew and cakes thanks to the deep tray. Also strong chrome-nickel wire grid offers you best grill performance.

Easy to clean enameled cavity and trays!

New design cavity is made of a single piece, welding lines, intersection are hidden. Such a design allows you to keep it clean by simply wiping.

Easy Smooth Quick Cleaning

Offers the easiest ways of cleaning the oven. The heating-up water method gives you a smoother and quicker cleaning. After placing two cups of water in to the tray please set the oven temperature to 70°C up to 30 minutes.

Fast Pre-heating

Booster function is for quick pre-heating. The booster function activates all heaters for quick pre-heating to reach the set cooking temperature. The booster function can reduce the preheating time by up to 25%.

Safety and better soft closing!

Gently slows the movement of doors and pulls them to the fully closed position. Also it allows you to close the oven door with your foot or elbow while you hold your meal.

Thanks to 3D cooking it is under your control

3D function offers you to cook your food in a homogeneous manner. Also you can heat the oven quickly and you can cook the delicious pizzas.

High and Low Grill Performance

Thanks to High and Low grill options you can grill over your food, choose the grill options according to the piece of food. Also this specification allows energy efficiency.