Since its inception, Simfer has acted with an awareness of its social responsibility. It understands the contribution that it can make on society’s social development and also that it cannot be successful without its support. "We are all socially responsible" has been adopted by Simfer to spearhead its vision and corporate culture. Simfer captures its social responsibility with this mantra and aims to engage all stakeholders in its implementation.

Simfer, realises that it can touch many lives with its sensitivity to social responsibility projects,is a supporter of the Education Volunteers of Turkey and supports the education of 1000 children every year. By giving priority to education for a common future, it has contributed towards the educational opportunities of thousands of successful and needy children.

Simfer aims to play a role in creating awareness about disabled people in society. Melikgazi Municipality has been giving support to the ‘Physically Disabled Youth and Sports Club’ for 4 years. They will continue to support Turkish sports and sportsmen both in social life and sport. Simfer believes that obstacles can only be overcome together.